Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang

Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru - Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Global Association



   Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru, Beijing, China 刘敬儒  - Photo by Amy Eckert

-  Liu Jing Ru Ba Gua Zhang System -

 Eight Postures Circle Walking

 64 Hands Lin Drill (Liu De Kuan 

 64 Palms 

 Eight Basic Palms (old 8 Palm) 

 Ba Gua Sword 

 Nine-Palace Palms 

 Cascading Palms 

 Ba Gua Deer Horn Knives

 Ba Gua Nurturing Life Qi Gong

 Two Person's Ba Gua

 HeBei Xing Yi Quan System 

 TangLong Quan System



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                               to practice the Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang of Liu Jing Ru:      


   United States United States of America:    Frank Allen, NYC          Terri Ferrari, NYC       Tina Zhang, NYC  

                                                         Shane Johnson, Baltimore, MD                

 Europe:   Tang Tung Wing, Athens, Greece.      Enrico Colmi, Italy. 

                   Jerome Ravenet, France.      Jamie Dibdin, Germany.    

Australia:    Liu De Ming, Melbourne, Australia

Asia:  Kong Cheng, Beijing, China                                                   

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